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A banket of snow slows the dogs

With a blanket of snow and nine below zero in Ruby, Alaska the terrain is putting pressure on the dogs and mushers.  As I describe in my new book “Justice at Forty Below” running dogs through heavy snow is an exhausting ordeal. It is still anyone’s race to win.  The top seven standings are Jim Lanier, Trent Herbst, Mitch Seavey, Aliy Zircle, Dallas Seavey, Jeff King and John Baker.  Jim Lanier and Trent Herbst have not completed their mandatory 24 hour rest. With their mandatory rest completed the next five mushers are in good shape. Strategy is a big part of winning. What if a blinding snow storm comes in and grounds all the mushers to a halt for twenty-four hours? That would give Jim and Trent a big advantage.  They would get their mandatory rest time in while the front runners made little or no progress on the trail. If decent weather persists, Jim and Trent will be left behind as they take the mandatory rest.

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