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A mushing story

One day when I was training dogs in Fairbanks, Ak. my wife told me not to run the dogs since we had to go to a show at the local theater. Running out the door I said I would be back in an hour.  I hooked up my howling eight dog team and took off like a flaming arrow released from a 90 lb. bow. Twenty minutes later I got off the sled, set the snow hook and proceed to fix my Sorrel boot. Blam, the snow hook came loose and off went my team running like a prisoner escaping from jail! Oh boy, not only was my wife going to kill me but the dogs could could be lost, hurt or even killed. I took off running after them without even a ghost of a chance to catch them.  Out of breath and miles from home my heart was heavy. Then a miracle happened! Here came the dogs running at full speed right at me.  Some how they managed to get on the loop trail and kept running right back to me.  I hope my wife does not read this blog as I never did tell her what happened. Check out my new book “Justice at Forty Below”to read about the life threatening circumstances Jake finds himself in a he battles the Alaskan wilderness.

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