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Beavers on the move

Every spring the two year old beaver pups get kicked out of the lodge to find a home of their own. Last spring, one not too bright two year old decided to make a new home in our farm steam. He began to build a dam which would flood out the lower farm road. Not only was there not enough young trees to support a lodge in this spot, but also it is a big mistake to try to dam up a quick running stream.  Just when I was trying to figure out how to trap that “dam ” fool so he would not flood the road, a huge storm came up.  It dumped four inches of rain in a hour! The whole bottom of the farm looked like a raging river. The next day I went down to see how Bucky made out and sure enough he was dead and rather stiff. The only thing I can figure is the raging river of a stream slammed him into a tree trapping him so he drowned. Nature is always a surprise.  I had no idea a beaver could drown!

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