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Who is wealthier?

When judged by the amount of leisure time one has the “Hunter Gatherer Societies” were the wealthiest.  Modern man has a lot of STUFF but the primitive folks had a lot more time to enjoy themselves. Hmm!

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Boiling water without metal pots

Pre-contact Eskimos and Aleuts figured out how to boil water without the use of metal pots. Birch bark baskets and grass baskets were used.  It takes patience and diligence to make sure you do not burn the baskets. By using a slow heat over coals, without any flames, and keeping the baskets full of water is the trick. The Native peoples of Alaska learned how to weave grass baskets so tight they held water. This is quite the art and very difficult to do.

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No that is not Fang or Jack London

The oats are up and looking good. As organic farmers we just hope the oats we sowed come up before the weeds. This way they will shade out the weeds and produce a nice crop. No that is not Fang or Jack London. Just my lovely wife with Kiki and Mazy the wonder dogs.

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Louis L’Amour a great writer and American Legend

This guy had an amazing life. Growing up in North Dakota, in a small farming community, he finished tenth grade and then began a life of adventure. Louis had a  career as a professional fighter and merchant seaman. Living on the road he visited many countries and had a ton of jobs.  His own life was just as exciting as the amazing books he wrote.

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Dumbo the lamb is still hobbling around.

Dr. Betty is still bandaging Dumbo’s leg with antibiotic cream every other day.  No sign of infection and although she is not putting any weight on her leg she is eating and free of pain. We picked up twelve more lambs from some Amish neighbors. The Amish kids were cute with the oldest boy was riding his pony back and forth like any nine year old showing off. Without electricity or indoor plumbing these folks live a true agrarian lifestyle.

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Farmers rain

Rainy day

A slow steady rain is often called a farmers rain or poor man’s fertilizer.  This is a good thing for crops. The three plus inches of rain we are getting is not. It is pouring buckets which causes soil erosion, seedling wash outs, fertilizer depletion, minor flooding in low spots and my dog cannot go out! One more farmer’s cliche ” On a dry year you worry to death, on a wet year you starve to death”.

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Dr. Betty Did Good

Lambs are not the smartest animals in the barn! When I went to the barn at 6a.m. to check the newly weaned lambs, there was Dumbo (it’s new name) with it’s head and foot caught in the hay feeder.  This little fella had struggled so hard that it cut it’s leg to shreds. I woke up my darling wife and said I need your help. After a few words I cannot repeat in this blog (she is not a morning person) we headed out with bandages and antibiotic cream in hand. I am happy to report after several cleanings and bandages Dumbo is doing fine.  She is still not putting any weight on the leg but is eating and hoping around on three legs very nicely.

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Spring lambs

The new lambs are ready to go out on pasture. We had an exciting weekend with eight new additions to our flock. Farming can be interesting. Let me see, my dog rolled in the sheep crap and smelled terrible. One of the lambs got it’s foot and head caught in the hay feeder cutting it’s leg. My wife and I bandaged her leg applying antibiotic cream.  One got out of the fence and I still do not know where he escaped. They are cute but can keep you hopping!

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Spring a dangerous time of year

Before modern times spring was a scary time of year for those living in Alaska.  This was the time that starvation was a real threat to people. In spring the snow is almost gone and the lake ice is rotten. The rivers are choked with ice and rushing water making travel by boat impossible. There are no berries to pick, fishing is difficult and dangerous and without boats or dog teams it is hard to get to the game animals. Folks just tightened their belts, listened to the skies, waited for the ice to melt and open water to appear.   Finally the honking of migrating geese and ducks would ring out in the sky. I remember a Yupik Elder telling me how exciting it was to hear that sound knowing that fresh meat would soon be eaten around the camp fire.