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Iditarod musher saves lead dog with mouth to snout CPR

One moment, 9-year-old Marshall was pulling hard at Iditarod sophomore Scott Janssen’s sled, the tug line taut as a guitar string. The next, the husky was down on the snow. “I was sobbing,” said Janssen, an Anchorage mortician, who began a kind of CPR that ultimately saved Marshall. “I really love that dog.” reported the Anchorage Daily News.

Ali Zircle continues to make gains as the front runner in the 1,000 mile race.  With about half the distance traveled to Nome it is still anyone’s to win. Ali’s strategy seems to be paying off as she is the first musher to leave the small Athabascan village of Nulato at 6:20.  Pulling into Nulato at 7:43 was Dallas Seavey and Jeff King arrived in Nulato at 8:46. Not far behind heading out of Galena was Mitch Seavey and John Baker. The weather was 16 below zero with light winds.

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