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The devil in the trap!

I caught the little varmint!  Never under estimate the power of peanut butter. As I approached the trap the devil was going wild! Screaching and trying to get at me through the bars.  With my handy welding gloves on I scooped up the trap and headed down the road to transplant this voracious red pest to a piece of woods far away from my barn.

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How to catch a red devil.

I destroyed the devil’s nest while he was screaming at me from the roof rafters. This will slow him down but a new nest will be built by tomorrow. Borrowing a “have-a-heart trap” I laced the trap with corn and peanut butter.  It is set but will the devil squirrel fall for it?

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Devil with the red fur on!

A red squirrel has made a nest in my barn. The meanest little critters in the wild. These devils will stand toe to paw screaming at you, daring you to make a move. I hate to kill what I do not eat. Let the games begin, I will get catch him! Stay tuned…

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Fresh snow a woodsman’s GPS

It snowed on the farm last night. Fresh snow to a woodsman or a tracker is like a new GPS to a city person. I got up at the crack of dawn anxious to head to the woods to see what the wildlife was up too. Heading out the door at first light, I slowly made my way to the beaver swamp on the back of the farm. Was the otter I saw last year still here? Walking slowly, studying the ground, I came over the knoll to the swamp. I stopped and took it all in. Creeping carefully I mounted the beaver dam and systematicly scaned the ground in a grid like pattern. There they were, fresh otter tracks!! What a glorious morning.

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Is it a bear?

I checked the gut pile from the buck I shot.  Sure enough a bear came by and ate it. You can tell it was a bear that ate it and not a coyote because a bear eats everything but a coyote will leave the stomach contents.

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Hunting season just started on the farm

Trapped in the ice

Trapped in the ice

We are meat hunters. You cannot eat antlers. Wild meats are the most nutritious and healthiest foods that you can eat. Four of us hunted hard from sun up to sun down for three days. Hearing the coyotes howl at sunset sent an eerie feeling as I climbed out of my tree stand.

The second morning, I shot a four point buck. Thankful for the harvest I was given. I was happy that we now have some meat for the table.