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What should I buy?

As a farmer many folks ask me what are the best vegtables or fruit to buy. In my humble opinion, the smartest option is locally grown.  Organics are nice but since the big companies have jumped into the organic market the rules have been relaxed and you have no guarantee they are being followed. There are also many organic approved sprays which have had little or no research to prove if they are harmfull or carcinogenic to humans. Don’t get me wrong I still lean towards organic foods but it not a cure all. Locally grown is probably the best option. Knowing the farm and the standards they keep is your safest alternative. One thing I will not do is buy fruit or vegetables from third world countries. I know a Cape Cod cranberry grower who goes to South America to manage cranberry bogs in the winter. He has told me they are still using pesticides and herbicides that we banned in this country twenty years ago for causing cancer. Since the workers are not certified in chemical application, as in the U.S., they do apply these poisons at the proper application rates. Hey, you want to kill bugs, the more poison the better!

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